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Metal Magnetic Abrasive Finishing (MMAF) is a finishing process that uses a magnetic field to control abrasive particles for surface improvement of metal components. Here's a simple explanation:

Magnetic Field Setup:

A magnetic field is applied to the metal workpiece using magnets or electromagnetic coils.

Abrasive Particles:

Abrasive particles, typically in the form of ferrous (iron-based) abrasive media, are mixed with a carrier fluid.

Magnetic Force Control:

The magnetic field attracts and controls the movement of the abrasive particles on the metal surface.

Contact and Finishing:

The abrasive particles come into contact with the metal surface, removing imperfections and providing a polished finish.

Adjustable Parameters:

The intensity of the magnetic field and the composition of the abrasive media can be adjusted to achieve different finishing results.


Used for deburring, polishing, and improving surface quality in metal components.


MMAF is effective in finishing complex shapes and hard-to-reach areas.

It can produce a fine and consistent surface finish.

In simple terms, Metal Magnetic Abrasive Finishing is a process where abrasive particles are controlled by a magnetic field to improve the surface finish of metal components through deburring and polishing.

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