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Metal cold forging is a manufacturing process that involves shaping metal parts at or near room temperature using compressive forces. Here's a simple explanation:

Metal Stock:

Cold forging starts with a piece of metal stock, typically a rod or wire.

Die Design:

A die, or mold, is designed with the desired shape of the final part.

Die Setup:

The metal stock is placed in the die, and the die is closed to create a cavity around the stock.

Forging Process:

Compressive forces are applied to the metal stock within the closed die, causing it to take the shape of the die.

Cold Working:

The metal is deformed and shaped without reaching high temperatures, which is why it's called "cold" forging.

Complex Shapes:

Cold forging is capable of producing complex shapes with high precision.


Commonly used to manufacture parts for automotive, aerospace, and other industries where high strength and precision are required.


Improved material properties, such as increased strength and hardness.

High production efficiency and minimal material waste.

In simple terms, metal cold forging is a process of shaping metal parts at or near room temperature using compressive forces, resulting in high-strength components with complex shapes.

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