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Metal drawing is a manufacturing process that involves pulling a metal workpiece through a die to reduce its cross-sectional area or change its shape. Here's a simple explanation:

Wire Drawing:

In wire drawing, a metal rod or wire is pulled through a series of dies to reduce its diameter.

Die Selection:

Dies with progressively smaller openings are used to achieve the desired final diameter.


Lubricants may be applied to the metal to reduce friction during the drawing process.

Drawing Machine:

The metal rod or wire is fed through a drawing machine, which exerts force to pull it through the dies.

Reduction in Diameter:

As the metal passes through each die, its diameter is reduced until the desired size is achieved.

Shape Modification:

Drawing can also be used to change the cross-sectional shape of the metal, such as converting a round rod into a square or hexagonal shape.


Commonly used to produce wires, rods, and tubes for various applications in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and electronics.


Provides precise control over diameter and shape.

Improves the mechanical properties of the metal, including strength and hardness.

In simple terms, metal drawing is a process where a metal workpiece is pulled through a series of dies to reduce its diameter or modify its cross-sectional shape, commonly used in the production of wires and other metal components.

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